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We Will Ensure

  • A detailed report with your invoice
  • Our 100% workmanship guarantee
  • Comprehensive onsite water analysis
  • Fully detailed reporting of pool condition
  • Chemical supply and balancing
  • Complete peace of mind

Regular Pool Cleaning

Our high quality regular pool service is affordable, reliable, and very professional. We go that extra mile to ensure a consistently high level of service and our customers love us for it!

Regular services can be performed Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly depending on your requirements, budget and time of year.

Our Regular Pool Service Includes*

  • A comprehensive water chemistry test
  • Appropriate adjustment of the chemical balance
  • Skim the surface for debris
  • Brush the steps, walls and floor
  • Vacuum to capture fine debris
  • Brush the tiles band around the pool
  • Backwash the system (where necessary)
  • Inspect equipment and check the timers
  • Empty and clean the skimmer box and pump baskets

*The exact pool service may vary from pool to pool, and from visit to visit. *Chemicals are not included in price

Every quote may vary on inspection due to pool size and cleanliness